Authors Submission Guidelines

How to write an article? (in Turkish)

You can watch the webinar entitled “Writing Scientific Article from the Perspective of Communication Engineer” jointly organized by IEEE ComSoc Turkey and IEEE Young Professionals Turkey: (in Turkish)

Warning on Plagiarism

Papers will be reviewed on the basis that they do not contain plagiarized material and have not been submitted to any other conference at the same time (multiple submission). These matters are taken very seriously and the IEEE will take action against any author who has engaged in either practice.

IEEE Web Page on Plagiarism

IEEE Web Page on Multiple Submission

Submission Format

TUAC accepts only participation of the undergraduate-level students. Authors should be active undergraduate students. Contributions above the undergraduate level can be mentioned in the “Acknowledgements” part. All submissions must be written in English in the standard IEEE two-column conference format and are limited to a maximum paper length of six (6) printed pages including figures and references.

IEEE conference templates can be found on the templates page.

Only PDF files generated by Acrobat 5 or later versions will be accepted for both the review processing and final publication steps.

Both review versions of submitted papers and camera-ready versions of accepted papers should not embed bookmarks, form fields, or URL links (cf. Note 1 below), neither contain page numbers, headers, footers, or PDF annotations .

Paper pages should be (please be aware of the format used in your final manuscript)

US Letter: left and right margins of at least 0.625 inch, top margin of at least 0.75 inch and bottom margin of at least 1 inch.

A4: left and right margins of at least 13 mm, top margin of at least 19 mm and bottom margin of at least 43 mm.

Note 1: Please make sure that you remove hyperlinks to all email addresses in the authors’ affiliations or to all webpage reference citations in the bibliography section.

Note 2: Complying with the TUAC 2021 format constraints indicated above might not be sufficient to avoid PDF upload issues on TrackChair. In case you face embedded fonts issues, please refer to the following IEEE Tutorial.

Note 3: For authors using the LaTeX template, a warning may show up once their papers are uploaded successfully. If the warning indicates that you are exceeding the right margin at the last page (i.e., where your references are most likely listed), you can ignore it! In fact, the IEEE template does not allow to break a reference, leading to an “underfull vbox” warning, but the final result will be much more like what the IEEE will publish.

Submission Platform


Final Submission Guidelines

Note: Final versions of papers will be submitted after reviews. Thus, following details will be announced in case of need after reviewing process.

Before Creating a PDF

• Add the copyright notice to the bottom of the first page of your source document. If necessary, contact X at [email protected] for the appropriate copyright notice.

  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the copyright notice is: U.S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the copyright notice is: TBA
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the copyright notice is: TBA
  • For all other papers the copyright notice is: TBA

If you are using the LaTeX template, add the following lines before \begin{document} and choose the appropriate copyright notice in your case.

\hspace{\columnsep}\makebox[\columnwidth]{ }}

If you are using the Word template, choose the option “Insert” followed by “Text Box” and include the appropriate copyright notice in the created box. Place the created box (without border) at the bottom left on the first page.

• Proofread your source document thoroughly to confirm that it will require no revision.